With over 15 years organization experience in our focus training activities, CDC develops, coordinates and manages youth development skills training and community driven projects that focus on job skills and income generating project activities, along with on the job training and work tasks engagements that benefit our youths, communities, businesses and the national community.

Our core programme management team comprises experienced practitioners with key expertise, sound track-records and over 50 years collective experience in their respective fields.  These professionals are all seasoned trainers and programme managers with special-interest expertise in grass-roots, youth and community focus training acumen and experience. 

Our programmes provide socio and technical vocational skills training and other productivity development activities that focus primarily on income generation and the creation of viable business and job opportunities for our trainees and community members in need.

Our Training and Development Model provides for Technology, Business Administration, Personal and Professional Enhancement, Entrepreneurial and other skills development tools that constructively motivate and create opportunities for trainees to learn and develop key productivity skills that can enhance their life choices.   

Training programmes are administered with the aim of helping our youths and community members to help themselves towards building legitimate paths to income generation and sustainable family security.  

The Core Value of our Programmes center on:

  1. Creating core value-added training systems and opportunities by “learning through doing”;
  2. Developing work-skills that are strategically aligned to entrepreneurial and job opportunities;
  3. Stimulating medium and long term commitment and motivation towards higher skills learning;
  4. Enhancing personal and professional skills to build self-confidence, life skills and family security.

CDC PDP, BTSD & P100 Programme Management

Carol Benjamin

Carol Benjamin is a founding member of the CDC who has pledged and committed her invaluable time and energies in contributing to the development and safety of our youth in any way possible.  She brings over 40 years’ administrative expertise, experience and knowledge from private sector, and as a retiree, mother of three and grandmother of six, Carol in her mature years has found renewed enthusiasm with new technologies and it’s potential to create a leveling playing field for youths and community members.

With her tireless support efforts to our youths achieving their highest levels of accomplishments by learning to take advantage of opportunities that were not previously available or possible, ignites Carol’s enthusiasm to contribute to the achievements that await our intelligent youths and young adults who stand ready to rise up to the challenges.

Her passion for learning also guides and add focus to CDC programmes that invite and encourage mature participants to also take advantage of these opportunities.  With her support, we continue to add value and opportunities that also help to enhance the life of mature and senior citizens to engage the benefits of our current economy and better help themselves.

Catherine Gordon

catherineFounder and Principal Consultant of Catherine Gordon’s Institute of Finishing Elements, the only image, etiquette and protocol Finishing School in the Southern Caribbean.  Catherine holds post graduate qualifications in Public Administration, International Relations, Protocol and Diplomacy, and is a Certified Image Consultant and Trainer for Business Etiquette and International Corporate Protocol (throughout the Caribbean).

With over 23 years’ experience providing Wedding, Event Planning, Process and Alternative Dispute Consulting, leadership and personal development training programmes from the primary to graduate school levels, as well as Parliamentary and Executive levels in the public, private and corporate sectors.  Catherine is a pioneer in the area of vacation etiquette camps for children and teenagers, and is passionate about helping individuals achieve their fullest potential and God-given purpose.

The Catherine Gordon’s Institute of Finishing Elements also nurture teenagers and adults through social and business etiquette and leadership skills, personal grooming and deportment through her Manners for Toddlers and Tinymites, Manners Maketh Me™, Designed for Greatness™, ‘Classroom to Boardroom Polish’Dare to Shine™ and other personal development programmes which aim to reintroduce the values of common courtesy and graciousness in civil society, while helping individuals and corporations achieve a consistent message of success, credibility and reliability.

Curtis Toussaint

A business adventurer and social entrepreneur with community and entrepreneurial training expertise and experience in entrepreneurship, business administration, corporate social citizenship and community intervention.

He is the founder of Educate Inspire Encourage (EIE), a socially focused organization providing literacy, numeracy and other library services at the community level and socially responsible community interventions. Curtis also conducts and facilitates training and development workshops in Community Engagement and CSR for SMEs.

Curtis is a graduate of Boston College and the University of Wales and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.  He is a Certified Social Responsibility Practitioner and a member of the International Association of School Librarians.

Elisha Hazelwood

Ms. Hazelwood, with her expertise and experience in the banking and public sectors. She is a graduate of the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago with qualifications in Performing Arts and Music Education.

Elisha has been training primary and secondary school youths and teenagers for several years. 

With her strong influence in music and dance, Ms. Hazelwood keen interest in cultural, music, dance and fitness programmes and opportunities for transforming these and other sporting talents among our youth to income generating and productive opportunities and activities.

Isis Amlak

A multi-skilled Life-Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Director and Senior Project Manager with professional strategic leadership and governance in many roles within the NGO and statutory sectors.

Ms. Amlak has extensive experience in production, community arts and music events, background in social welfare as a counselor, public speaker, presenter and poet.  

She strives to further the well-being of our youths and a champion advocate for community development efforts and activities.

Vernon Shabaka Thompson

Vernon Shabaka Thompson is a Carnival Specialist and Community Leader working in the Community, Arts and Culture sectors for over three decades in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Britain and Africa.  A creative and self-motivated person with expertise in community arts and culture, numerous awards for dedicated service to community development and particularly Carnival Arts. He has Diplomas in Stage and Social Sciences and a MA in Carnival Arts Studies.

  • Community Leadership Lecturer and Organizer;
  • Carnival Director / Carnival Artisan / Practitioner;
  • Consultant, Project Manager and Entrepreneur;
  • Theatre, Education and Community Development;
  • Chief Executive and Educator, and Drama Coach;
  • Mentor.

Wayne Sargeant

Mr. Sargeant has served on executive committees and management boards of numerous businesses and national organizations, contributing to the development and implementation of programmes and projects in technology, IT, culture, sports, business and entrepreneurial skills development.

He is a management consultant, multidisciplinary project manager and social entrepreneur with over 20 years public and private sector project management and programme development experience.   Throughout his professional career, he has been sharing his knowledge and talents with youths and members of numerous socially and economically under-served communities, working to un-tap and develop their vast talents towards income generation and earning opportunities.

He is a qualified trainer who delivers clear and professional guidance, assistance and support that explain, inform, motivate and educate.  His special-interests include enhancing human development through technical vocational skills development and management training.

Productivity Development Programme (PDP) Director

Mr. Sargeant possesses wide-ranging expertise in ICT & IS management, institutional strengthening, organizational development & capacity building, business, financial and operations management.  His education and training include Advance University Degrees in Applied Mathematics, Applied Economics, Computer Programming, Statistical & Econometric Analysis, Financial & Business Administration and Project Management.

Over the past 20+ years, he has applied his expertise to numerous multifaceted business environments in the public and private sectors at both policy development and implementation levels, for numerous businesses, organizations and multi-lateral agencies including UNIDO, IDRC, BvLF, OAS and the World Bank via special programmes of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT).