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Over 15 years of technology and community training experience has been brought into the organizational framework of ComDevCorp, which was established to develop, coordinate and manage a series of community and youth development projects that focus primarily on skills development, income generating business activities and value-added technical and work skills training that provide job placement opportunities in the business and productive sectors of our economy.

The Path Of Conflict

ComDevCorp provides technology and training support through a strategic business alliance and in collaboration with community and skills development organizations and, in particular, provide technology support that complements the work of groups and organizations working to improve the income-earning, entrepreneurial and productivity skills development.

We provide ICT skills training and related project support, tools and entrepreneurial opportunities to community groups and youth members for their engagement in IS and ICT related work opportunities, productivity development and income generating project activities.

Our organization also work with community and special-interest groups to develop sustainable projects and entrepreneurial activities through the establishment of IT enabled business support services that are offered with professionalism and efficiency for public consumption.  These range from typing, graphics and documentation services, to website development, mobile applications, web animation, social networking and related facilitation services.


1995 – Present:

  1. Proposal development support for community special-interest groups (SIGs);
  2. Project development, coordination and management support to SIGs and CBOs;
  3. Computer literacy and work skills development training for youths and persons in need.

Special Training Workshops & Projects:

2016 –  …….:   P100, BTSD & BizTECH Training and Entrepreneurship Development Project Activities;

2015 – 2016:   PDP, BTSD Programme Coordination and Management to Community SIGs;

2013 – 2014:   BTSD Pilot CBT Training Courses: Computing, Business Apps, Graphics, Web Design;

2007 – 2012:   Computer Literacy, Business Application & Tech Skills Training for community members;

2006 – 2008:   Skills Training and “Adopt A Community” Exchange Activities for EDR Community Youths;

2004 – 2006:   Project & Time Management and Personal Enhancement Tools & Applications for Youths;

2001 – 2009:   Business & Technology Skills Development (BTSD) Training & Community Workshops;

1995 – 2000:   EDGE Entrepreneurship Development and “Training of Trainers” Conferences and Workshops for Community Coordinators and Support Agencies.

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