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ComDevCorp collaborate with business, charities, community groups and partners in the creation and delivery of unique training, learning and business development expertise and experiences.  Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training Programme

We partner with the creative and performing arts community to encourage members to embrace diversity in cultural, artistic and creative activities; and aspire to build a foundation for our communities and talented members to acquire and be motivated to seek out needed training and opportunities to start and progress further in their chosen field.    

We offer Creative Arts Development & Administration - CADA Training Programmes in collaboration with groups and organizations with qualified and talented teachers that are truly passionate about their craft.  Community members are provided opportunities to participate in a variety of creative, recreational and professional development and learning activities.




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How will you assess your skills level?

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I am new and not very familiar with computing & new data technologies.

I have 2+ yrs recent computing and related data-entry experience.

I am fairly proficient with current technologies and computing systems.

I am comfortable with computing and new technology but I need more business & entrepreneurial skills.

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Are you a Technology - NEWBIE OR TECHIE ?

[ ] 'NEWBIE' - You have very little knowledge or familiarity with technology; . . . [ ] 'TECHIE' - You are fairly comfortable using computers & current technologies.

I'M A NEWBIE! . . . but I do have a little knowledge of new technologies and computing gadgets! . . I also have interest in OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) Training.

I'M A TECHIE! . . . I have been working with computers and some business technologies for more than 2 years.

I JUST NEED HELP! . . . I have some basic knowledge but interested in learning how to better use it to develop my Job-Skills, Professional Career & Business.

Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training Programme

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) & CADA TRAINING: - CADA - Creative Arts Development & Administration Training Programme for Community, Sport, Cultural Organizations & Individuals.

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What is your skills-focus or interest?

What skills would you like to work on first? . . . Technical & Computing, Office Administration, Business, Soft-Skills & Management?

Office Procedures, Soft-Skills & Administrative Management.

Business Etiquette, Administration and Management Skills Development.

Technical Operations, Entrepreneurial & Business Skills Development.

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I am Interested in the BizTECH Introductory Training & Workshop Sessions.

I am capable and wish to ONLY access the On-Line Computer-Based Training (CBT) & Assessment Modules.

I am able to attend BTSD Business Seminars & Entrepreneurship Workshops and would like to also access On-Line CBT Modules.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR JOB-SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME? . . . On occasion we offer this opportunity to trainees who demonstrate special skills, aptitude and professionalism in their learning and zeal to complete work-tasks assigned from various activities and projects of the organization?

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Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA)

CADA is an adjunct training programme administered in collaboration and support of Creative Arts Education, Training and Development programmes offered by professional and special interest groups and organizations operating in the creative, artistic and performance fields.

The CADA Training Programme seeks to develop technical and professional skills and business development acumen among persons, groups and organizations interested in transitioning or transforming their creative talents and assets towards achieving new market opportunities.

CADA programme modules and course selections are drawn from our portfolio of over 120+ training courses and governed by three overarching development and focus objectives for training and exposure:
.      .1. Professional Comportment Enhancement;
.      .2. Business, Operations & Administrative Systems;
.      .3. Marketing, Promotions, Client Administration & Management.

CADA Training

CADA is specially structured training programme that incorporates technical skills training exposure, focus workshops and professional development training modules that are relevant to the groups and programme objectives.
Focus is on enhancing technical and business skills for office administration and management, product and market development, with focus administrative training elements for group members and for the development and management of an organization's business operations.

The Core Training Programme is administered in 2 progressive stages, beginning with the standard or base training programme, which comprises business administrative systems awareness and skills development (Stage 1), followed by product development, marketing and management training (Stage 2).

The respective trainee group's focus cultural, artistic or sporting disciplines (i.e., dance or sport training activities) remains under the remit and control of the trainee group, with access to additional support and training assistance as desired and requested by group members and administrators (Stage 3 - Optional).

Stage 1 - Participants are engaged in special skills awareness and development course modules offered by the organization, with special focus on office operations, client administration, promotions and marketing management;

Stage 2 - Training programmes are centered around special focus needs of groups and organization trainees.  The core training centers on business, market and product development strategies for organization and target and new market development;

Stage 3(Optional) – Special-Projects, focus-skills and higher level training programmes and services that cater to the client organization needs and demands.

Technical and administrative support is further provided to organization trainees and graduates beyond their programme of training in support of continuous programme and organization development.

Stage 1 – Core Training – Technical Skills

  • Office Productivity Applications
  • Understanding Spreadsheets
  • Computing & Tech-Skills
  • Understanding Word Processing
  • Understanding Presentations
  • Intermediate Computer Skills
  • Business Administrative Systems
  • Business Communications
  • Financial Administration
  • Customer Service

Stage 2 – Business & Management Skills

  • Business & Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  • Contract Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Manager Management
  • Media and Public Relations

Stage 3 – Special Focus Projects (Optional)

  • 10 Soft Skills You Need
  • Administrative Office Procedures
  • Administrative Support
  • Budgets & Financial Reports
  • Business Acumen, Ethics & Etiquette
  • Event Planning & Facilitation Skills
  • Goal Setting & Getting Things Done
  • Handling a Difficult Customer
  • Health and Wellness at Work

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