Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

PROJECT 100 (P100) is a special-focus community development project that seeks to engage community youths and young adults selected from among ComDevCorp Programme Registrants in each target community.  

P100 training programmes provide special-focus productivity skills training and entrepreneurial project activities aimed at transforming learned skills and abilities to income-generation and job opportunities.

Significant emphasis is placed on creating and developing opportunities that can monetize community assets and the abundance of cultural and value-added skills hidden within these communities.  The Community Outreach, Awareness and Project activities is initiated through our P100 Opportunity Meetings.


P100 incorporates the PDP, BTSD  and other Special-Focus Programme Modules and is developed as a bespoke model which individualizes the motivational aspects that help to overcome availability and scheduling challenges for participants, allowing them the ability to learn in a non-competitive environment as their individual projects and learning pathways are aligned with their personal needs and skills level.

As our PDP and BTSD training programmes are not designed as regular or scheduled “class sessions”, the key objective is to help and ‘teach participants to teach themselves‘ through specialized skills enhancement, eLearning and CBTs, Cultural, Social and Life-Skills development programmes which makes the training and project adaptive, and in the case of BTSD modules, accessible online for anywhere and anytime access. 

This is combined with focus community workshops and interventions that address soft/social skills and other focus training activities with programme partners.  This model also helps and significantly contributes to the development of time & process management and problem solving skills.

Our training model takes into account and attempts to address many (but not all) of the challenges faced by most of the target beneficiaries (time, energy & resources) with the understanding that despite their best efforts and intent . . .life sometimes get in the way!’P100 BTSD Training Locations
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