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How will you assess your skills level?

Which of the below options will you consider best identifies with your assessment?

I am new and not very familiar with computing & new data technologies.

I have 2+ yrs recent computing and related data-entry experience.

I am fairly proficient with current technologies and computing systems.

I am comfortable with computing and new technology but I need more business & entrepreneurial skills.

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Are you a Technology - NEWBIE OR TECHIE ?

[ ] 'NEWBIE' - You have very little knowledge or familiarity with technology; . . . [ ] 'TECHIE' - You are fairly comfortable using computers & current technologies.

I'M A NEWBIE! . . . but I do have a little knowledge of new technologies and computing gadgets! . . I also have interest in OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) Training.

I'M A TECHIE! . . . I have been working with computers and some business technologies for more than 2 years.

I JUST NEED HELP! . . . I have some basic knowledge but interested in learning how to better use it to develop my Job-Skills, Professional Career & Business.

Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training Programme

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) & CADA TRAINING: - CADA - Creative Arts Development & Administration Training Programme for Community, Sport, Cultural Organizations & Individuals.

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What is your skills-focus or interest?

What skills would you like to work on first? . . . Technical & Computing, Office Administration, Business, Soft-Skills & Management?

Office Procedures, Soft-Skills & Administrative Management.

Business Etiquette, Administration and Management Skills Development.

Technical Operations, Entrepreneurial & Business Skills Development.

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Tell us which of our 3-Integrated Training Programmes is best suited for you: [] BizTECH Training Module; [] eLEARNING ONLY Module; or [] BTSD Business Module.

I am Interested in the BizTECH Introductory Training & Workshop Sessions.

I am capable and wish to ONLY access the On-Line Computer-Based Training (CBT) & Assessment Modules.

I am able to attend BTSD Business Seminars & Entrepreneurship Workshops and would like to also access On-Line CBT Modules.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR JOB-SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME? . . . On occasion we offer this opportunity to trainees who demonstrate special skills, aptitude and professionalism in their learning and zeal to complete work-tasks assigned from various activities and projects of the organization?

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BizTECH Vocational Training Registration

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BizTECH & BIZNO Training

Introductory LEVEL – BizTECH Skills Training Programme

BizTECH provide Professional & Business Skills development combined with technology and computing skills training for those who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of business computing and other mainstream business applications. BizTECH builds awareness and understanding of everyday technology skills and gadgets, with the view to assisting participants to embrace and engage opportunities that provide savings, income generation and family security.

BTSD - Level I

LEVEL I – BTSD Productivity & Entrepreneurial Skills Training
Participants are introduced to business computing applications including: word-processing, spreadsheets, internet research, graphics design, desktop publishing and project administration. Trainees also explore business tools and applications that enhance their job skills, business and entrepreneurial opportunities through personalized project activities that allow them to become more immersed in income generating activities that can leverage computing and related technology.

BTSD - Level II

Level II – BTSD Business Training Courses & Workshops
Students acquiring requisite business exposure, job-skills and work-experience can enroll in our Professional & Business Workshops, Seminars and Training Courses.  A combination of workshop sessions, on-line course training access and study materials are provided for course assessment and evaluations.  An extensive library of on-line CBT Modules are also available for anytime/anywhere access with practical exercises to drive a self-paced learning environment.

BTSD & BizTECH are Special-Focus Skills Development and Training Modules of the Sustainable Livelihoods Development PROJECT 100 (P100).

Developed as a bespoke model to overcome individual motivation, availability and scheduling challenges for trainees, providing an opportunity to learn in a non-competitive environment aligned with their personal needs and skills level.

P100 include eLearning & CBTs, Cultural, Sports, Social and Life-Skills development programmes, with access to eLearning Resources that are adaptive and accessible in-house and online for anywhere and anytime access.

Community Athlete Programme (CAP) - CAP-TT.comCAP Community Sports, Creative Arts & Cultural Training Programmes:

Community Athlete Programme (CAP) Sports & Fitness Activities are provided in collaboration with business, charities, community groups and partners in the creation and delivery of unique training, learning and business development expertise and experiences. 

Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training ProgrammeWe offer Creative Arts Development & AdministrationCADA Training Programmes in collaboration with groups and organizations with qualified and talented teachers that are truly passionate about their craft. 

We partner with the creative and performing arts community to encourage members to embrace diversity in cultural, artistic and creative activities; and aspire to build a foundation for our communities and talented members, who are provided opportunities to participate in a variety of creative, recreational and professional development and learning activities.

Sustainable Livelihoods Development PROJECT 100 (P100)

A special-focus community skills training and development project that seeks to engage and enhance job-skills and business opportunities of youths and young adults in target grassroots and underserved communities.

P100 provide special-focus technical, business, technology and productivity skills training and entrepreneurial project activities aimed at transforming these learned skills and abilities to income-generation and job opportunities.

Get a Free Quote for ServicesVIRTUAL / Online &IN-HOUSE Professional Office Administrative Services and Business Communications Support without business office overheads or need for full-time staff. 

Efficient, Flexible,  Convenient & Affordable cost based on resource needs.
Business Support Services

BizTech – Business & Technology Skills Training for Non-Techies
Learn to Earn and improve your career prospects and earnings potential.

Whatever your background, situation or requirements, we can train you to become a technology savvy worker or IT professional leaving you with the skills, confidence and practical experience to make it in the modern business world.

This is a progressive learning and development programme that offers you flexibility and choice without any long-term commitments. Designed to increase access to online learning provision and an ever growing list of professional skills development and training programmes.

LEVEL I - BizTECH Training Programme

Technical & Soft-Skills Training Modules available for trainee selection.
Computer Literacy & Software ApplicationsAssertiveness and Self-ConfidenceNetworking Within the Company
Introduction to the Internet, Data & SIP Media SystemsIntro. To Business ApplicationsEntrepreneurship Skills
Safe-Surfing & Social NetworksOffice AdministrationProject Planning & Administration
Internet Research & Security Awareness.Developing Personal & Work ValuesSocial & Business Ettiquette
Introduction to MS WORDAttention ManagementOrganizational Skills
Introduction to MS EXCELBasic BookkeepingOvercoming Sales Objections
Introduction to MS POWERPOINTEmployee Termination ProcessesPersonal Branding
Introduction to MS PUBLISHERFacilitation SkillsPersonal Productivity
Introduction to MS OUTLOOKEvent Planning & AdministrationSales, Marketing & Presentation Skills
Intro to Website Design & Mobile App. DevelopmentExecutive and Personal AssistantsProject Management Tools

BizTech Skills Training

BTSD Productivity Skills

On-Line Training Portal

Community Sports, Creative Arts & Cultural ProgrammesCreative Arts Development & Administration Training ProgrammeCreative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training Programme

ComDevCorp collaborate with business, charities, community groups and our network partners in the creation and delivery of unique training, learning and business development expertise and experiences.

Special Community Training Programme for Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) & Training Portfolio of over 120+ professional course module with development and focus objectives:.
.      .1. Professional Comportment Enhancement;
.      .2. Business, Operations & Administrative Systems;
.      .3. Marketing, Promotions, Client Administration & Management.
Trainees are provided opportunities to participate in a variety of creative, recreational and professional development and learning activities.

Office Productivity Applications

  • What is Office Productivity Software
  • Office Software Packages
  • How to install Office Software
  • Office Administrative Systems
  • Office Productivity Tools
  • Automation Tools & Systems

Understanding Spreadsheets

  • Understanding Tables & Cells
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Formatting Text & Tables
  • Creating Data Charts
  • Presenting Outputs

Computing & Tech-Skills

  • Hardware & Peripherals
  • Understanding OS & Windows
  • Software Installation/Uninstalling
  • Managing Files and Folders
  • Managing your Desktop
  • Basic System Networking

Understanding Word Processing

  • Using the Application
  • Document Creation
  • Formatting
  • Objects
  • Prepare Outputs
  • Mail Merge

Understanding Presentations

  • Using the Application
  • Developing a Presentation
  • Formatting Text & Layouts
  • Creating Charts
  • Graphical Objects
  • Prepare Outputs

Intermediate Computer Skills

  • Understanding File Systems
  • Temporary Internet Files & Cookies
  • Recycle Bin and Deleting Files
  • Cleaning Temporary files with Free Software
  • Using Remote Desktop
  • IT Security

Advanced Spreadsheets

  • Formatting Tables
  • Functions and Formulas
  • Pivot Tables & Charts
  • Pivot Data Analysis
  • Validating and Auditing
  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Collaborative Editing

Advanced Word Processing

  • Formatting
  • Referencing
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Prepare Outputs

Advanced Presentations

  • Presentation Planning
  • Slide Masters and Templates
  • Graphical Objects
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Multimedia
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Managing Presentations

Using Math Formulas

  • Using the Application
  • Math Formulas
  • Formula Layout
  • Appearance of Formulas
  • Math and Data Management
  • Customization, Input and Output

Business & Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Business Administrative Systems
  • Business Communications
  • Financial Administration
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Operations Management

Graduates Get The Opportunity To Join Our VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) Internship & AGENCY Programmes

LEVEL II - Professional & Business Skills Training Courses and Workshops

On-Line CBTs and In-House Training Modules Available for Trainees & Tutors for continuous professional development.
10 Soft Skills You NeedEmployee On-boardingNetworking Within the Company
Administrative Office ProceduresEmployee RecognitionOffice Politics for Managers
Administrative SupportEmployee RecruitmentOrganizational Skills
Anger ManagementEmployee Termination ProcessesOvercoming Sales Objections
Appreciative InquiryEntrepreneurshipPerformance Management
Archiving and Records ManagementEvent PlanningPersonal Branding
Assertiveness and Self-ConfidenceExecutive and Personal AssistantsPersonal Productivity
Attention ManagementFacilitation SkillsPresentation Skills
Basic BookkeepingGeneration GapsProject Management
Being a Likeable BossGoal Setting and Getting Things DoneProposal Writing
Body Language BasicsHandling a Difficult CustomerProspecting and Lead Generation
Budgets & Financial ReportsHealth and Wellness at WorkPublic Speaking
Business AcumenHigh Performance Teams (Inside the Company)Risk Assessment and Management
Business EthicsHigh Performance Teams (Remote Workforce)Safety in the Workplace
Business EtiquetteHiring StrategiesSales Fundamentals
Business Succession PlanningHuman Resource ManagementServant Leadership
Business WritingImproving MindfulnessSocial Intelligence
Call Center TrainingImproving Self AwarenessSocial Learning
Change ManagementIncreasing Your HappinessSocial Media in the Workplace
Civility in the WorkplaceInternet Marketing FundamentalsStress Management
Coaching and MentoringInterpersonal SkillsSupervising Others
Collaborative Business WritingJob Search SkillsSupply Chain Management
Communication StrategiesKnowledge ManagementTaking Initiative
Conducting Annual Employee ReviewsLeadership and InfluenceTalent Management
Conflict ResolutionLean Process And Six SigmaTeam Building for Managers
Contact Center TrainingLife Coaching EssentialsTeamwork and Team Building
Contract ManagementManager ManagementTelephone Etiquette
Creating a Great WebinarManaging Personal FinancesTelework and Telecommuting
Creative Problem SolvingManaging Workplace AnxietyTime Management
Critical ThinkingMarketing BasicsTop 10 Sales Secrets
Customer ServiceMeasuring Results From TrainingTrade Show Staff Training
Cyber SecurityMedia and Public RelationsTrain-the-Trainer
Delivering Constructive CriticismMeeting ManagementVirtual Team Building and Management
Developing a Lunch and LearnMiddle ManagerWomen in Leadership
Developing Corporate BehaviorMillennial OnboardingWork-Life Balance
Developing CreativitymLearning EssentialsWorkplace Diversity
Developing New ManagersMotivating Your Sales TeamWorkplace Harassment
Digital CitizenshipMulti-Level MarketingWorkplace Violence
Emotional IntelligenceNegotiation Skills
Employee MotivationNetworking (Outside the Company)

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