CDC teaches the simple rules of Project Evaluation & PlanningProject Planning & Evaluation is the final high-level process of the Project Setup phase to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan that explains how the project manager should plan for measuring the success of the project effort. Evaluation planning is necessary for making appropriate reviews and analysis of the project implementation process.

 The plan should be based on an evaluation methodology that makes a foundation for setting up key performance indicators and metrics for measuring success in a systematic and objective way. Then the plan will be the way to evaluate quantitative and qualitative progress of the entire project as well as its separate phases and parts. It will follow some methods for evaluating the project implementation process and its success.

The purpose of project monitoring and controlling is to provide an understanding of and communicate the project’s process, thus identifying when the project’s performance deviates significantly from the plan so that appropriate corrective actions and preventive actions are taken.

Project activity monitoring is an aspect of project management that is performed throughout the project. Controlling is the aspect wherein corrective and preventive actions are taken. It is the Project Manager who must ensure that the monitor and control process is effectively executed.

Effective execution of the project monitoring and controlling process leads to successful project delivery.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to develop a project evaluation template and depending on the benefits and objectives of your project what factors should to be considered that would influence the project success.Chart of showing steps and actions that should be followed when doing a Project Evaluation & Planning.
  • The two groups of Evaluation Methods.
  • How to objectively evaluate the results of Project.
  • Project Management Concepts
  • To use Real World Examples of projects to maximize successes or to minimize failures
  • What are some of the constraints in Project Evaluation and Planning
  • The Attributes of a Project
  • Unforeseen Circumstances
  • What is the Project Life Cycle 
  • The Phases of the Project Life Cycle 
  • The Project Management Process 
  • How you go about Controlling Projects
  • Some basics in Global Project Management 
  • And the benefits of Project Management

 Course Description:

Project evaluation is the process of appraising how well a project is performing. Evaluation includes assessments of how well members of the integrated project team perform, how well project components are operating in terms of realising identified benefits; identifying progress against

Benefits of attending this course?

  • Design an evaluation process that supports goal-based assessment and development of a robust evaluation methodology for specific projects
  • Support your organisation’s overall project management and especially critical review capabilities

 Who is this course for?

This Project Evaluation course is suitable for anyone who needs a broad understanding of the project evaluation management approach.

 What will you learn?

  • The most effective approaches, tools and methods for evaluating outcomes against expectations and when to use them
  • How to decide on critical measures
  • How to build effective objectives and measures into the project