CDC Events Management Training LogoEvent planning requires foresight, follow through and attention to details,you need to see the big picture as well as tiniest details,You need vision, skill and knowledge to help events no matter how large or small, fulfill it’s ultimate potential.

This introductory programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge to plan simple events.  Students can use this knowledge to start their own business, to make event planning a side-line for extra income, and for those who want to do this on a grand scale, there are opportunities to progress to more in-dept and higher-level programmes of Event Planning and Project Management.

Topics to be covered during this workshop include:Process chart on all the areas of event management.

  • Overview of Event Management and Strategic Planning
  • Functional and operational aspects of Event Planning
  • Development of a Productivity and Sustainability road map
  • Logistics, networking and implementation strategies
  • Implementing and monitoring of the Strategic Plan
  • Developing Project Tracers and performance measurement techniques
  • Result Assessments and Evolving the Strategic Plan

Learning Objectives –¬†Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Utilize strategic planning as competitive advantage tool.
  • Develop analytical and conceptual approaches to planning and implementation.CDC is driven by the fundamental tools used to develop individuals into successful and upstanding citizens.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of performance measurement systems within the strategic planning and implementation process.
  • Identify evolving strategic patterns and generate ideas on how they can be applied.
  • Set goals, objects, performance measures and indicators.
  • Incorporate customer needs and elements of marketing into their strategic planning.
  • Recognize how the actions of customers, competitors and your own company determine the outcomes in your markets.
  • Determine the best approach to effectively implement their strategic planning.
  • Develop a new attitude towards business competitiveness, productivity and sustainability.
  • Enhance their knowledge of the strategic event planning process and management.