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How will you assess your skills level?

Which of the below options will you consider best identifies with your assessment?

I am new and not very familiar with computing & new data technologies.

I have 2+ yrs recent computing and related data-entry experience.

I am fairly proficient with current technologies and computing systems.

I am comfortable with computing and new technology but I need more business & entrepreneurial skills.

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Are you a Technology - NEWBIE OR TECHIE ?

[ ] 'NEWBIE' - You have very little knowledge or familiarity with technology; . . . [ ] 'TECHIE' - You are fairly comfortable using computers & current technologies.

I'M A NEWBIE! . . . but I do have a little knowledge of new technologies and computing gadgets! . . I also have interest in OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) Training.

I'M A TECHIE! . . . I have been working with computers and some business technologies for more than 2 years.

I JUST NEED HELP! . . . I have some basic knowledge but interested in learning how to better use it to develop my Job-Skills, Professional Career & Business.

Creative Arts Development & Administration (CADA) Training Programme

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (VA) & CADA TRAINING: - CADA - Creative Arts Development & Administration Training Programme for Community, Sport, Cultural Organizations & Individuals.

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What is your skills-focus or interest?

What skills would you like to work on first? . . . Technical & Computing, Office Administration, Business, Soft-Skills & Management?

Office Procedures, Soft-Skills & Administrative Management.

Business Etiquette, Administration and Management Skills Development.

Technical Operations, Entrepreneurial & Business Skills Development.

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Select a Preferred Training Location:

Select a Preferred Training Location for access to Computing & Technology Training Workshops where available.

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Final Details

Tell us which of our 3-Integrated Training Programmes is best suited for you: [] BizTECH Training Module; [] eLEARNING ONLY Module; or [] BTSD Business Module.

I am Interested in the BizTECH Introductory Training & Workshop Sessions.

I am capable and wish to ONLY access the On-Line Computer-Based Training (CBT) & Assessment Modules.

I am able to attend BTSD Business Seminars & Entrepreneurship Workshops and would like to also access On-Line CBT Modules.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR JOB-SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME? . . . On occasion we offer this opportunity to trainees who demonstrate special skills, aptitude and professionalism in their learning and zeal to complete work-tasks assigned from various activities and projects of the organization?

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