communities_photshopTaking part in community service is a meaningful way to support our neighbours and to help meet the needs of our community.  The CDC embrace the bond between public service and education which gives us a distinctive identity.

We offer health care, education, professional development and skills training services to local individuals and families.  We  also provide an extraordinary breadth of services that advance the cultural life, physical fitness and emotional well-being of community members — from after school programmes, care for the elderly, cultural and  art programmes and the clean-up and beautification of neighbourhood environments.


Our goal is to help families meet their basic needs and improve their economic situation through education, better employment and a shared sense of community and purpose.

These critical programs exist to serve many who come to us each month. Our advocacy work exists to reduce the need for our other services by making our community a more equitable place for all and eliminating long-standing structural barriers that block people’s paths out of poverty.

Our Mission

  • To give a voice to the needs in the community and for low-income community residents.
  • To be committed to following up on local and national commitments to ensure that community services and benefits goes where the need is the greatest.

Why Give?

  • It’s about choice! Pick the project from the list, or have your proposed efforts added.
  • It’s effective! 100% of your donation goes directly to the intended project or community activity.
  • It’s private! Our donor list is not shared.
  • It’s local! Donations go to only localised community projects unless otherwise stipulated and approved.
  • It saves you money! Donations can be tax deductible.
  • It’s fun! The annual community development campaigns are filled with special events and opportunities to get involved.

» Volunteers

Want to get involved?  Find out whether volunteering makes sense for you, how you can participate in this year’s campaign, and what resources are available to help you succeed.

Volunteering is a commitment, but also an opportunity to meet new people and develop new skills. Find out what volunteering for a CDC Community Programme will do for you.